Wintix Features & Benefits

Wintix – the complete box office ticketing and accounting system for all types and most sizes of venues.

  • The powerful, flexible solution for all types and sizes of venues
  • Two payment options: one time software purchase, plus support agreement or per ticket fee, plus support agreement
  • Detailed reporting and accounting functions
  • Easily manage patron relationships
  • Unlimited events, performances, venues, seating charts
  • Powerful, easy to use interface
  • Integrates with our ticket scanning module, Scantix
  • Easily exportable reports for email and other marketing
  • Track patrons, donors, and contacts
  • Advanced reporting for accounts receivables, aging, etc.
  • Raise and track funds through donations campaigns and merchandise sales


Reserved and general admission tickets x
Standard and custom ticket formats x
Unlimited workstations x
Sell class registrations, merchandise, meal choice, parking, etc. x
Add items at checkout such as merchandise, parking, hotel, meals to a sale x
Seating chart preview x
Complimentary first seating plan x
Interactive, online multi-charts x

Season packages

Standard and Flex Season Tickets x
Online season ticket buyers can choose their own seats x

Prices and payments

Unlimited pay types x
Unlimited price categories x
Price codes Unlimited
Promotional codes x
 Limited time, and limited to certain groups, offers x
Special price codes x
Discounts by dollar, by percentage, and per order x
Multiple options for split payments x


Unlimited events, performances, venues, seating charts x
Copy data from previous shows x

Customer relationship management

Easily manage patron relationships x
Group functions allow for targeted marketing, fundraising, and more x


Robust and flexible reporting and accounting functions x
Fully customizable reports x
Export into spreadsheets, word processors, PDFs, and email programs x

Donors and donations

Online donation ask x
Easily manage donors and donations x


Powerful, easy to use interface x
Automatic software updates x