The Expo Center of Taylor County in Abilene, Texas has been a client of Center Stage Software for 10 years.  In this time we have made many requests for specific options in the software.  Bruce, Diane, Peggy and Twila always listen to the needs of our facility and what we think our customers are requesting.  Center Stage Software has customized reports, helped us with fan club sales and patiently helped us through our busy, crazy moments of selling tickets.  Their professionalism, understanding of the market place and building/customer relationships is outstanding. The flexibility of web ticketing to printing hard tickets for volunteers to sell and the price for this service is beyond compare.  I recommend Center Stage Software highly.

Regarding how Webtix has been working – it has been terrific. Since we went live on May 20th, over 24% of our single ticket sales have been through Webtix. We expected a much slower adoption by our customers. I would recommend it to anyone (as I already have to a number of my friends in the business). It’s really been great.

Your tech support person just upgraded me to Wintix 5. She is great! She was a pleasure to work with. Very patient and very, very helpful. She answered all my questions and showed me how to create special mailing lists. What I thought was going to be a big project for me, since I am not the most computer savvy person, went like clock work. Center Stage is fortunate to have someone so good in their support group.

Twila, we haven’t spoken for a while and that’s a good thing…it means things must be going well here for me. You and Diane have always been so helpful and friendly and I always appreciate your assistance when I call.

The online ticketing upgrade for Webtix 6 has obviously been successful, because in all this CRAZINESS, we’ve not had a single complaint about the website, or lost tickets, or anything.  We’ve had seamless record sales, so thank you!


I am so annoyed with myself that I did not move to Webtix years ago. This is working wonderfully for us.

I am grateful to have Center Stage Software as our reliable ticketing partner. I know that whenever I have questions or suggestions, I can count on getting accurate information and excellent support from everyone at Center Stage Software. I look forward to continuing to work together with you to make our ticket buyers experience as enjoyable and successful as possible.

As a small college that only does two productions a year, Webtix and Wintix have provided us with the ability to use a top of the line ticketing system. Our customers are blown away with the ease with which they purchase tickets online in real-time. The software is user friendly and the support is amazing!!!

We are an all-volunteer community theatre and Wintix makes our ticketing process so easy that we can staff our box office with volunteers.

This implementation of Wintix and Webtix has been full of opportunities, but my hat is off to you and the entire Center Stage staff. Everyone has been a joy to work with and has shown tremendous patience and restraint as I keep having to go down the same path more than once.

Tonight is opening night and it will be very interesting to hear from the evening box office volunteers after they have experienced the fruits of our labors. The daytime box office volunteers have been very impressed and thrilled once they got past their initial fears and became proficient.

Again, thanks to all of the Center Stage staff for their help and, most of all, their patience.

Thank you for everything, Twila, and for everything Center Stage does for us ~ including Diane and Bruce. Seriously, you guys are the best and I don’t truly know what I’d do, or we’d do, without such a fine, kind and caring ~ and patient!!!!!!! ~ support staff.

Please know you are greatly appreciated!!!! 😀

Our Theatre has been using Wintix since 2002 and it hasn’t failed us yet. Thank you to the support staff for always being there and for the continuous upgrades that help us improve our customer service and box office operations.

Wintix allows our box office to take control of the business. I never feel that we’re at the whim of another company. Anytime that we have a problem that we can’t solve here on site, Center Stage support has been quick to drop everything and make our problems their top priority.

What a gem you have in Twila. This past week or so has been a sheer nightmare for the Grove. We are bringing in a show that is much like Menopause. Setting up this show has been unbelievable – with an extremely demanding producer . While that has been going on, several other changes have occurred at the theatre, resulting in multiple seating plan changes. I have had to call on Twila more in the past two weeks than I have in the past several years. Her patience and willingness to help are so commendable. She is always tremendously responsive, and, even though I may have asked the same question before, ready to answer my questions. She is a definite asset to your company. Thank you so much for her and her positive attitude.

We opened our summer season and we did not have double ticketing, or issues with our busy box office, or issues with any of our new on line tickets! WHAT A RELIEF!!! Our personnel are learning and  loving it.

We have had a fun season adding Webtix to our system. It really helped us. I cannot BELIEVE the activity in just one week!!! I bet we have close to $800 or more in sales from the web… And they are big orders like 6-14 tickets!!

Webtix looks great. We are fortunate to have your team on our team!