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Single Stub Thermal Ticket Stock

Here are the colors we carry for thermal ticket stock. Thermal tickets come fan-folded. The dimensions are 2” x 5.5”.

Single stub tickets: Each ticket is separated by perforation and has a 4″ main stub and a 1 1/2” audit stub.

NOTE: We no longer carry double stub tickets. 

  • Note: Tickets are bigger than shown on the page and because of varying tint on monitors, we cannot guarantee that the color will be exact.

Did you know you can order custom printed tickets from Center Stage Software?  Just email your specifications or email us a proof of your ticket and we’ll email you a quote.

Color Cloudy Solid
Blue tickets-cloudy-blue tickets-solid-blue
Buff tickets-cloudy-buff tickets-solid-buff
Cranberry tickets-cloudy-cranberry tickets-solid-cranberry
Gold tickets-solid-gold
Green tickets-cloudy-green tickets-solid-green
Lavender tickets-solid-lavender
Orange tickets-solid-orange
Peach tickets-couldy-peach tickets-solid-peach
Purple tickets-cloudy-purple tickets-solid-purple
Yellow N/A tickets-solid-yellow
White N/A tickets-solid-white