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Single Stub Thermal Ticket Stock

Here are the colors we carry for thermal ticket stock. Thermal tickets come fan-folded. The dimensions are 2” x 5.5”.

Single stub tickets: Each ticket is separated by perforation and has a 4″ main stub and a 1 1/2” audit stub.

NOTE: We no longer carry double stub tickets. 

  • Note: Tickets are bigger than shown on the page and because of varying tint on monitors, we cannot guarantee that the color will be exact.

For custom printed, souvenir-type tickets, visit Premier Southern Ticket, or Worldwide Ticketcraft, now a subsidiary of Weldon, Williams and Lick.

Color Cloudy Solid
Blue tickets-cloudy-blue tickets-solid-blue
Buff tickets-cloudy-buff tickets-solid-buff
Cranberry tickets-cloudy-cranberry tickets-solid-cranberry
Gold tickets-solid-gold
Green tickets-cloudy-green tickets-solid-green
Lavender tickets-solid-lavender
Orange tickets-solid-orange
Peach tickets-couldy-peach tickets-solid-peach
Purple tickets-cloudy-purple tickets-solid-purple
Yellow N/A tickets-solid-yellow
White N/A tickets-solid-white