Server and IT Information


Full-featured, multi-user desktop program. Wintix resides on customer’s computer. It accesses the data on our server.


The Webtix data for the online ticketing subscription is accessed via the internet.

Internet Speed Test

It is very important for you to have a good internet connection. The data is stored on a remote server, so you need fast speeds to sell tickets, look up customer information, and seating charts. Here is the test for you to run to check the speed of your internet connection: Choose the speed test based on your connection type.

Web and data servers

The data servers are well protected and are replication servers on the cloud. We have alarms that let us know if the server is using too much CPU or has too many connections. This allows backups to be done constantly.

The web server has an SSL certificate for encrypting data that goes to and from the site.

Both servers run on the AWS network. The AWS network has been our 4th provider. It is fast and reliable.

Need for an IT Person to be involved in maintenance and initial setup

Center Stage Software highly advises our clients to have someone who can act as their system administrator. Work includes keeping the computers virus free and secure from hacking, setting up computers as multi-user, connecting printers to the operating system, etc. Center Stage Software provides support for insuring that Wintix is correctly installed and is properly set up as a multi-user application, if needed, plus our support can ensure that Wintix is properly connected to printers.


Updates are handled via the internet. This is done automatically in Wintix 6. We alert you to updates via email.

Mailing List

Wintix has its own mailing list/customer database and MySQL is the database engine that runs in the background.

Software Compatibility

The Wintix/Webtix software provides the database, accounting functions, database management, and donor collection as one package. All reports in Wintix can be exported to Microsoft Office, as well as to open source programs such as Open Office.

Macintosh Compatibility

Wintix will work on a Mac, but you need Parallels, Boot Camp, VMWare Fusion or Crossover Mac.

Parallels and Boot Camp work by using their own copy of Windows. You need to purchase both the program and Windows. (Crossover Mac uses a Windows emulator. This is less expensive than purchasing another copy of Windows. We have never used Crossover with a Mac. If you want to try it, they have a free trial.)