Support from Center Stage Software

Wintix is renowned for being a very robust, flexible software solution for box office ticketing for entertainment venues. However, users need professional, responsive support to maximize their use of the program’s features and to answer questions and concerns that arise upon occasion. Having a Center Stage Software Support Contract guarantees that you will be able to obtain help whenever you need it.

The Support Level You Need

We custom build a support plan for you depending upon the needs of your box office. Organizations that sell large amounts of tickets, have multiple venues, multiple users and/or renters, have complex seating arrangements, and other requirements, will need more support than smaller, more simple associations.

The first years support is included with the software. It is billed separately each year after that. You can pay annually, quarterly or monthly.

Support Includes:

  • Both email and phone service
  • A remote login for a higher level of service
  • Free updates
  • Valuable newsletters full of tutorials and important news and access to our Help Desk blog

Support  covers the “how to’s” or issues encountered using the Wintix box office accounting software and the Webtix online ticketing software. Free, automatic updates to the software, monthly newsletters with valuable tutorials, free access to the online Help Desk, and remote login are included with a service contract.

You also receive four hours of dedicated phone training with a new installation of Wintix and/or Webtix

Service hours are Monday through Friday between 9 am – 5 pm Pacific time, and on call on weekends (for emergencies only).

An emergency means:

  • You cannot sell or print tickets
  • You cannot access Wintix
  • Your Webtix online ticketing site is down

Call 831-920-1254 or 831-583-0641 in an emergency

Other Services

Center Stage Software offers custom services to enhance your understanding and increase your productivity.

We also offer:

* Please contact for information and pricing.